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Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest is a Battle Royale based roleplaying site. The premise of the game is simple: you are a student who, along with the rest of your class, has been thrown onto an island, fitted with an explosive collar, issued a weapon, and given the ultimate ultimatum: kill or be killed. Survival of the Fittest, more commonly known as "SOTF", differs from its inspiration in that unlike most BR-oriented roleplays, SOTF has its own unique storyline, unique characters, and a whole plethora of unexpected happenings. Interested yet? You should be. Battle Royale never got this extreme.

Survival of the Fittest: Version 1 has come and gone. The original roleplay lasted from June 19th, 2005 until August 26th, 2006. In August, construction on the ending for the first version of SOTF commenced. As of the current date, Version 1's "Endgame" has been released to the public. Boy #77: Adam Dodd beat out Cody Jenson, Sidney Crosby, and Jack O'Connor to win SOTF v1. The second game began on October 30, 2006. Version 2 was scaled down from the global event that Version 1 was. Instead, four schools, all out of the metropolitan area of Denton, New Jersey, were captured and placed in the game.

The second in Danya's series of deadly games is finally over. After roughly nine days of fighting on the island, Boy #12, Bryan Calvert, defeated Mariavel Varella to become the sole survivor and win SOTF v2. The game is over, but only half of the ending has been released. V3 is winding down, and V4 pregame is open!


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General Information

  • Announcements - This is a list of all of the announcements made by Danya during the course of SOTF V1, V2, and V3.
  • SOTF ACT - An explanation on the original ACT.
  • Vital Information - All you could ever need to know about SOTF, in one easy-to-access spot.
  • Danya - The man, the myth, the legend himself.
  • Terrorists - Read up on the men and women behind the SOTF ACT, and follow up on the mysterious figure known as Mr. Danya.
  • VIPs - Of course, the students on the island are some of the most important characters in any Survival of the Fittest storyline, but they certainly aren't the only characters. Within, information on important story characters -- spanning from the terrorists to notable students -- can be found.
  • Handlers - Check out the competition here! Within, the handlers you'll be roleplaying alongside are listed. You can also find the staff within.
  • High Schools - Looking for information about specific high schools featured within SOTF? Look no further! All information concerning the abducted high schools is just a click away!
  • Roleplaying Guides - Several roleplaying guides have been created by veterans of SOTF and people who want to help you, the handlers, so that you can write to your full potential! --> This section is new and needs heavy cleaning up <---

Version III

  • Storyline - What was supposed to be a fun weekend for the senior class of Southridge High School quickly turned into hell on earth. Learn about their tragic fates within.
  • Locations - With another new game comes another new playing field. Check out all the new locations on which the V3 kids will be battling for their lives, complete with maps of the indoor areas! Note: This information is currently incomplete.
  • Students - Read up on the latest batch of kids chosen to kill each other dead!
  • Death Order - A list of all those who have passed into the great unknown while playing SOTF, in the order in which they died
  • Southridge Student Body - A list of students (along with who handles them) and the clubs and organizations to which they belong.

Version II

  • Storyline - Read up on the abductions of Bathurst, Franklyn Senior, Hobbsborough, and P.J. Gilroy here! (Notice: Mild Content Warning)
  • Locations - Brand new island, and lots of brand new locations!
  • Students - Indulge in the diversity of the new student roster, even if there aren't any international schools this time around.
  • Death Order - The list of dead and soon-to-be-dead in a handy numerical order.
  • Class Rosters - Ever wonder just who all your character shared classes with? Here, you'll find a list of the homerooms and which students occupied them.

Version I

  • Storyline - The storyline for the original SOTF.
  • Handlers - Go back to the past and meet the handlers of the V1 characters!
  • Locations - The areas in which the first round of students fought for their lives!
  • Students - Take a look at the various students that fought for their lives during the first installment of SOTF!
  • Death Order - The final list which displays who died, when, and who killed them, in numerical order.
  • Goofs - Based off of the pages of the same name, a list of all the "goofs" made in the first round of SOTF.
  • Unapproved Characters - Not all characters scheduled to participate in the first SOTF made it into the game. Who were they, and how did they avoid the game? Find out here!

Version 0

  • Students - Ever wonder just who participated in the very first SOTF? Read up on the students from Aberthol and Shaker High, the first two classes forced to fight to their deaths, right here!
  • Aberthol High School - Information regarding the school SOTF's first winner, Sydney Morvran, attended.
  • Shaker High School - Information regarding the second school to compete in v0 and a link to its real life counterpart's Wikipedia article.
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